Retro NCS + Alts – Thunderball

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Since I have caught up with all the reveals from the past few live streams and wave, it’s time we jump back into looking at the Return of Marvel legends. (Remember I’m waiting for the Eternals movie to be released until I do the Eternals waves and exclusives).

Since the ROML line was basically an experimental line, Hasbro trying another idea that was great on paper but poorly executed. Using the variant system again, they did use it to get 2 different costume for one character out, they also tried to used it to do 2 completely different characters which shared the same baf piece and basic base body. Thunderball and Piledriver as well as Madame Hydra (Viper) and Madame Masque were the released as variants of each other with one being release after the other. The idea was interesting as it gave us more character but the poor sales of the first batch was releases caused store not to order the variants. They tried this idea a few times after even into the Infinity Line but the idea was eventually dropped.

Anyhow, today we look at the first of these Variant figure by looking at Thunderball. I already had this done weeks back but I realised that it would have marked the 500th NCS so I held back on releasing him until now. As for the figures itself. It’s not a bad figure but it’s way too big. They need to use the Odinson or Hercules body and redo all the Crew.

Since I had that done, I had a bit of time to do a number of Alts from Gamora to Grandmaster, the majority being Hank Pym’s identities. (If there is no Alt for them, they were either done or have no alternates):

I have my sister wedding tomorrow so there won’t be a NCS until at least Sunday. Whenever it is, we will look at Thunderball’s variant, Piledriver.


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