NCS + Alts – Shocker and Cartoon Hobgoblin

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We finished off our look at all the figures from the Vintage Spider-man wave with a look at the final 2 characters. First off we look at the quilt wearing man, Shocker. Believe it or not, this is the first time Shocker has gotten a classic outfit in the ML line since it began.

We also look at the first villain that the 90’s animated Spider-man fought, Hobgoblin (90’s Cartoon). Fun Fact the reason that Hobbie was introduced in the cartoons before Green Goblin is because before the first director was fired, Avi Arad had already had the toy line made out. So when the new director was brought one, it was too late to change.

As for the Alternates:

  • Hobgoblins – Basically a more focus version of the Goblins page except on just the Hobgoblins.
  • Jason Macendales – All the Jason Macendales across the Multiverse. Another fact, the Hobgoblin in the animated series is Jason. This was due to the fact that when they started the series, the real identity of Hobgoblin wasn’t revealed in the comics.
  • Drax – all the Arthur Douglas
  • Destroyers – all the characters that have used the Destroyer alias.
  • Novas – all the character that have been call Nova. If you are wondering why the GOTG are there, they joined the Corps alongside Ant-man to flush out traitors.

Next time we will go back to the Arnim Zola wave by looking at Thunderball.

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