NCS + Alts – Hammerhead

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our (rather short) look at all the characters that are going to appear in the upcoming Spider-man Vintage wave 2. I have already done a NCS for Spider-man (for the black costume and the armor MK I) and Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) (the Reilly Spider-man) so let get onto the only one that is technically a brand new character, Hammerhead. Honestly I was fine using the Chameleon body with the Hammerhead one if (I bought 3 of it) but this looks so much better. It does begs the question. If Chameleon can change his face (with masks) can he also alter his size?

I also had another looks at Doc Ock’s page (and his 2 alternates), Domino and Donald Pierce and have added the following Alternates. (Note many of the ones between these have already been done OR have no alternates.):

  • Spider-men – (I swear this is a pure coincidence) Because of Doc Ock’s time as Superior Spider-man. Please note that this is Spider-Men. The Women, Scarlet Spider, Iron Spiders etc will get there own entry AND these will be combined into one massive Spiders page. Heck the men alone took me 2.5 hours to do.
  • Dominoes – all the Neal Shaara out there
  • White King and White Bishop of the Hellfire Club – all the people who held these positions.

Next time we will look at the punching bag of Spider-man’s rogue gallery, Shocker.

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