NCS + Alts: Lockheed

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Excalibur box set with a look at Kitty Pryde’s pet purple dragon. Honestly with the exception of the AOA, instead of picking what Lockheed version you want, just pick which Shadowcat you want. He is essentially the “must have” accessories to Kitty, just like Cap’s shield and Thor’s hammer. (Yes I know there have been a few figure with those but you guys know what I mean).

We also look at Dr. Doom and Dr. Octopus and look at all the alternates for them:

  • Dr. Dooms – all the Victor Von Dooms out there
  • Iron Men– (because Doom was Iron Man for a time) All the Iron Men from across the Multiverse. This does not include the likes of War Machine or Ironheart. I may combine them latter one though. This also let me add Bethany Cabe, Force, Happy Hogan, Iron Man (Ward) and Iron man (AI 1) to the site as they all wore the Iron Man armor at some point but I may wait until they get there own unique figure first.
  • Doctor Octopuses – for all your Doc Ock variants.

Next time we will begin looking at the new characters (that have yet to have a NCS) from the second Spider-man Vintage wave by looking at the hard headed mobster, Hammerhead.

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