NCS, Update and Alts – Shadowcat

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we had the reveal of the Marvel Legends 20th anniversary Captain America. As such I have updated that page. However, I have not removed the older 80th image as I wanted to let it up to people which version they prefer. Personally I think the new one looks better but I do also love the older one too……ahhhh! This is a tough call.

We also look at the next Character from the Excalibur box set and probably the last major X-men member I have yet to do (even though I did her alternate universe version), Shadowcat. Yes that is her officially codename. I know she is commonly known as just Kitty Pryde, but I prefer to call her by Shadowcat.

As for the Alternates this time (ironically alot of Ss):

  • Shadowcats – All the Kitty Prydes from across the Multiverse
  • Star-Lords – (because Kitty used the name for a while) all the Star Lords, including from the MCU
  • Scourges of the Underworld – (because Demoltion man was next in the list) We haven’t gotten the white suit version yet but we have gotten a Scourge figure.
  • Sasquatches – (Because of Doc Samson) all the Sasquatches across the multiverse. I also re-added the Sasquatch (Exiles).

Next time we will look at the last figure in the Excalibur box set with a look at Kitty Pryde’s pet dragon Lockheed.

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