NCS + Alts – Meggan

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look at the Excalibur set with a look at the always bright and cheerful, half fairy half mutant, Meggan. If I’m being honest, I never thought we would see Meggan be made into a figure. She always seem like one of those character that is known but not many people wanted. However, my attitude changed when Hasbro started teasing the Excalibur set. After that I knew she was coming. Can’t have an Excalibur set without her.

Only one alternate this time (took me 3 hours to do) with the Goblins. This is all the Green, Hob, Demo, Jack O’Lanterns etc. A few points though. I have added or re-added some Character onto the site because they wore the same costume as others, IE. Bart Hamilton wore the classic Green Goblin costume. These will get a NCS eventually. Next, if you are wondering why I am calling Harry Osborn that name (won’t say it here because of spoiler so if you aren’t caught up don’t look) instead of Green Goblin it’s because it’s his own unique name. He is no longer just Norman’s son. He is his own character and identity. For why I added Jack O’Lanterns, I mean come on. They are all Goblin except for name and head. Finally if you wondering why I didn’t add the Ultimate Green Goblin and other, they will be added when I do separate pages for all the sub-alts, ie there will be one page with just Green Goblins.

Next time, we will look at probably the last major X-man I have yet to do, Shadowcat. (By that I mean one that is in the team for a long time and in most of the teams.)

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