NCS Update + Alts – Dr. Strange Update

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I know I promise Armadillo today but well, we got a new figure revealed of an old NCS character so that takes priority. As such I have updated the Classic costume of Dr. Strange as well as added a new Masked version of that set. Yes I know it’s not accurate but it will probably be the closest we will ever get.

Since I updated Dr. Strange I also added all his alternates that he could have (for now). We start with all the characters that have been choosen to become Captain Universes. You may notice that there are a few characters I have added under the name Captain Universe. This is because the Far From Home Cosmic Spider-man came with an alternate head that could be used for several characters as they all use the same design. I will eventually do a NCS for all non-superhero Captain Universes.

Next up we also have Sorcerer Supremes, which is ironic cause I just did the Scientist Supreme the last day. This is for all that hold the title of Sorcerer Supreme. Trust me it’s more the just Stephen Strange. Speaking of Stephen Strange, I also added Stephen Stranges, which only has three entrance but they are all Stephen.

Unless something else is revealed tomorrow, we will look at Armadillo.

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