NCS, Updates and Alts – What If…? Episode 5 Spider-man and Zombie Cap

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today not only do we catch up with lasts weeks What If…? Episode as well as what was shown yesterday, but we also finish off the Watcher wave of D+. With that we have done all of the What If? figure. We may get more in future but we don’t know what the next few episode will have.

Anyway, up now we have Spider-man (What If….? Cartoon) and Captain America (What if….? Cartoon). Honestly, out of these 2, Zombie Cap is the most appealing to me. We will probably at least get a Zombie Iron Man (easy Infinity war Iron man with a new head) but I highly doubt we will get much more zombies.

I have also Updated some of the characters pages with the new stuff that was revealed yesterday. Spider-man got a new Symbiote and we finally got a new Armored MKI (yes I know it’s based on the game design but it works for what it is). Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) got an update to his Spider-man figure. Loki, God of Mischief is basically a repaint of his Classic and Lady Loki form. Falcon is the only one that really got a new costume, that being his Team-up with Bucky Cap costume.

I have also added the following Alternates.

Next time (probably Thursday) we will look at the Armadillo wave figures with the one of the only 3 new, Morlun.

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