News – Fan First Monday 13/9/21 Live Updates

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are a few minutes away from the livestream and I happen to be off work so you guys know the drill. Reload every few minutes for updates on what Dwight and the team will talk about. Image and the likes later tonight.


  • stream starts
  • Team introduces themselves
  • Thanking us for backing Galactus. Hinting at future heralds.
  • Pulse Exclusives
    • Excalibur 3-pack up for pre-order tomorrow.
    • Same for Skrulls and shield 2-pack
  • New Retro Spider-man Wave available tomorrow
    • Symbiote Spider-man with fist, wall crawling and thwip hands
    • Hobgoblin – inspired by the cartoon
    • Ben Reilly Spider-man on the retro wave figure
    • Hammerhead!!! – pinstripe paint and baseball bat. uses the happy hogan buck.
    • Armor Spider-man MkI – Finally. All new sculpt!!! New web effects
    • Classic Shocker – all new sculpt.
  • More Retro Avengers figures
    • Classic Falcon. Still no Redwing.
    • Loki – new head sculpt and daggers
    • Lady loki – re-release
  • Teases
    • a figure without legs
    • another Larger Retro Spider-man character
    • at least 2 character that have never in ml but in the 1990’s Trading card.
    • A barrel
    • IMage that teases the Toybiz homage wave.

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