Alternates: Abominations, Adam Warlocks and Venom Wearers

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday I told you I would be adding a new feature to the site. Well today I have started adding new pages for Alternates. If you are wondering what these are, it is essentially creating a page that will show you all the characters that have 1. shared the same Alias I.E. All the characters that have been Captain America and 2. Showing all the characters that are from alternate universe.

Why bother with this I hear you say? Well, alot of collectors actually like collecting one character, that would also including alternate universe and such. For example, I know there are plenty of people that only collect Iron Man’s armours, no matter what universe their from. This will help people build their collections.

If you want to access the Alternate pages, either make your way down to the bottom of any of the Character pages (not all have this by the way) or but clicking on Alternates next to the character option under the Near Complete Set option on the menu. In case that was confusing, hover over Near Complete Set -> Characters-> Alternates.

I will be doing this alphabetically. Absorbing Man, Agent 13, Agent Mobius (MCU) and Agent Ross (MCU) don’t have any Alternates yet so I have added Abominations, Adam Warlocks and Venom Wearers (because of Agent Venom in case you are wondering, and he still has more to come). The first 2 are obvious as they have only 2 entries, but the Venom one is something I wanted to highlight (as it took me four hours to complete!!). As you may noticed the page is spilt into Prime Universe (anything from the 616 universe), Alternate Universe (all comic book alternate universes that have been made), Live-action (Character that have appeared in the movie or tv-series), Cartoons (appeared in cartoons) and Video Games (you get the drift). This will be the format from now one with sections being added or subtracted depending on the subject (I.e. many will just be the Comic and MCU entries).

You may have noticed in the Venom pages in the Prime Universe I have added many characters that have yet to get a figure of them in their Venom costumes. I just to let people know that as long as the character has been made in some form, regardless of the costume, they will be added to this section. If they version that this alternate is based one, in this case Venom, then I will add the word Not made yet.

It’s the opposite for the Alternate Universe, I will only add characters to this section IF they had that version made in Marvel Legends forms. For example Ultimate Spider-man (Parker) wore a Venom suit but has yet to get a venom version made, so he is not including. This is just to make it easier on me as there are tons of alternates out there. Also I will only be adding characters that have been officially made in Marvel Legends so I will not be adding all the alternate characters that wore the classic Spider-man suit for Example.

Well that’s pretty much it. Enjoy.


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