News – Nova unlock and Fan First Thursday

Hey my Fellow Plastic Addicts. Today has been a busy day with not only one of the Haslab Tier’s being unlock (and another revealed) but the Big 3 has a livestream where they revealed many new figures and answered a few questions. There is alot to go through so let’s just get into it.

Starting off with the Haslab Galactus, not 5 minutes before the livestream the backer past the 16000 mark, which mean Frankie Rayes’ Nova is unlock. Jumping ahead to the stream, they reveal that the next Tier will be a new Silver Surfer, with a new Head and flight stand that Galactus can hold. He will be unlock at 17000 and with the number now at just under 16500, it can be assmued that it will be unlocked tomorrow.

Moving onto the livestream, they confirmed that the previously revealed Eternals Thena will be a Walmart exclusive while Ajak will be a Target exclusive. Kro will be a Deluxe figure available everywhere with the rest being part of the Gilgamesh wave. This will go up for pre-order later this year. See here to look at the images – News – Eternals wave Officially revealed.

They then went onto reveal the rest of the Spider-man: No Way Home wave (News – Spider-man No Way Home figures revealed) with a Gamerverse Mile Morales, Comic Book Morlun and Comic Book Shriek being the rest of the regular figures. Armadillo was a surprising announcement as the BAF of this wave (and my choice of winner of this livestream). This will go up for Pre-order tomorrow.

They then announce that Walmart will get an upgrade Far From Home suit with an new unmasked head.

They also announce the next few Pulse Army Builders, one being a Shield Agent 2-pack with multiple heads, guns and hands. They also announce that there will be a Skrull Soldier. No word on when they will be available.

After loooonggggg teasing them, Hasbro finally officially announced the Excalibur box set. This will be a 3/4 pack with yesterday’s Captain Britain (Captain Britain revealed) joined by his wife Meggan and Shadowcat in her Excalibur costume with of course Lockheed. This will be a Pulse exclusive set with no word on when it will be availible.

As for the standard teases, they showed one of their flight stands and well as a new stand with what looks like Toybiz’s old Marvel Legends logo. With the 20th anniversary of the line next year, they may be hinted at a tribute line.

And that’s it. For the first time in a while with the exception of Gamerverse Mile and Silver Surfer, all the new figures shown are all characters I have yet to do a NCS of. While I do expect some more reveal next month the next major event will be October.

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