News – Galactus Funded and Captain Britain revealed

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today is a good day for Marvel Legends as we have two great bit of news to talk about. First up, the Haslab Galactus that has been running for that last month has now been fully backed. As of writing this, the total number of backers is now 15467 (with at least 20 to 100 backers an hour) so we can safely assume that Frankie Reyes Nova will also be unlock. Whether or not the remaining tiers will be unlocked remains to be seen but with just over 5 days left it could be possible.

But that wasn’t the only reveal today, as DanWho, Youtube celeb, was on hand to reveal what we assume is at least a 2-pack Excalibur set with a look at a brand new Captain Britain. This is in his classic costume and comes with 2 sets of hand, Excalibur sword as well as 2 head, with and without a beard. It is currently unknown where and when it will be released. Watch the video below for the mini-review.

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