500th Near Complete Set – Character

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Well, this is it. This is the 500th Near Complete Set character that I have done since I started this site (give or take a few that I had to delete.) That’s nearly 5 years of me looking at various characters and looking to see what costume has been made for the character and wasn’t still needs to be made into a figure. I would like to thank all those that supported this site and hope you continue to support it. I will eventually catch up with all the characters that have been made. One day. Maybe. Okay Hasbro keeps making new characters so it’s hard work keeping up.

But enough of that. Today you are here to see the results of the poll I posted last week, asking you who should be the 500th character I will ramble on about today. Today you can find out the history of not one but 3 Hobgoblins.

We start off with a look at the first and most famous, Hobgoblin. While he would wear the costume the least, he would be the person that set up most of the Hobgoblin and has since taken a more active role as Hobgoblin. Fun fact, the reason Hobgoblin was created was because Roger Stern wanted to create brand new villains for Spider-man but fans wanted the old villains. So he created Hobgoblin as a compromise.

Next we look at the person who thought he was the second Hobgoblin but was actually the fifth, Hobgoblin (Macendale). This version of Hobgoblin is more famous due to him being the face behind the Hobgoblin in the 90’s cartoon. He would also be the first Hobgoblin to receive a ML scale figure in the Spider-man classics line.

Next we look at the only heroic Green Goblin before he went batshit crazy over a girl, Hobgoblin (Urich). This version was the first to get a Hasbro Marvel Legends figure before the previously mentioned Hobgoblins. He is also the first BAF for the first all comic Spider-man wave.

Well that is all the Hobgoblins, that have been made into a Marvel Legends. Kinda. You see there is a few other characters that wore the classic version of the costume, like Ned Leeds, Lefty Donovan and Daniel Kingsley but for this I just wanted to focus on the characters we know Hasbro/Toybiz based these figures on. Thy will get a NCS eventually. With the Livestream this Thursday and the What If…? on Wednesday, I don’t know what will be next NCS will be so we will find out in 2 days.

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