NCS – What If…? Episode 2 T’Challa Star-Lord and Heist Nebula

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today is our first Monday after the What If…? episode aired and like I said last time, I will be doing NCSs for characters that appeared in that episode that are part of the Dinsay Plus Watcher wave. This week’s episode is based on “What if T’Challa became Star-Lord?”. (That’s not a spoiler. It is the title of the episode.) I really enjoyed this episode. The first episode was basically a retelling of Cap but this is a whole new adventurer. Because of it, I now want at least 5 figure made from the episode.

Anyhow, we start off with looking at the star of the episode, Starlord (T’Challa, What If……? Cartoon). I actually got choked up at the end of the episode when Marvel dedicated this episode to Chadwick Boseman, being his last ever role before his death.

We also look at Nebula (What If….? Cartoon). I enjoyed how they portrayed her in this episode going against type from her MCU version. Her sister is supposed to get another episode with her as the star so I’m hoping we get a figure to go with Nebula. Yes, it a different timeline but you guys know what I mean.

Last thing I want to talk about is the poll I since last week, where you voted for the character you wanted to be the 500th NCS. It started out very close with 4 characters fighting for the top spot. However by the end, one character zoomed past the rest. So who won? Well you’re going to have to come back tomorrow to find out.

(Note: I waill be waiting for the release of the Eternals before doing NCSs on them).

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