Retro NCS – Constrictor and Hope Summers

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Unfortunately, there was no Marvel Monday reveal today, quite possibly because of the Livestream last Wednesday. The Tigra figure also probably was supposed to be for this month’s Marvel Monday reveal but instead they choose to put it up for Preorder on Thursday. So let’s get back to a bit of history as we look at the relaunch of the line with the Return of Marvel Legends.

While Hasbro tried keeping the line going with 2-packs and a ton of exclusives with a couple of movie tie-ins figures here and there, for all intent a purposes, the Marvel Legends line was done. Hasbro set their focus in their 3 3/4 line. During this time, Hasbro were under immense financial pressure, leading to them having to lay off many of their staff, including people from the Marvel team. Thing were looking dire for the MU line as well. In an effort to gain more of collector community, Hasbro announced the return of Marvel Legends, 2/3 years after the last Marvel Legends was released, with the first figure being released being Thor as a SDCC exclusive.

However, while the line saw early success, Hasbro began experimenting with the line. Each wave did something different that were either a success or a failure. For the first wave, they tried using Toybiz build alongside brand new sculpts. They also tried implementing variants back into the line with the variant coming in later with later shipments. Cap, Iron Man and Ghost Rider saw repainted variants in this wave. However, stores wouldn’t or couldn’t order another shipment, leading these variants to become hard to find. It became even harder in the next wave but I’ll talk about why that happened another time.

But for all intent an purposes the line was back and it wouldn’t be until later that it became the line we love today. For this wave, Captain America, Iron Man, Ghost Rider (Ketch), Thor and Klaw have already had their NCS done by me, so let go onto the first snake based villain Constrictor. I’ve seen a few people say that this should get a remake but honestly IMO this is the only figure in the wave that still stands up today.

We will also talk about the mutant messiah, Hope Summers. Honestly when this was announced, I think people were very surprised. Alot of people didn’t like her and they felt she took up a needed spot. But as we learnt later, Hasbro loves their obscure characters and fans began to love them for that. But this figure needs to be redone. That female body was bad even when it was released. Not to mention she can’t even stand. This could be the case that the Kate Bishop mold would work perfectly for her.

Tomorrow we finish off our nearly nine days streak of new NCS content with a look at the first BAF of the Return of Marvel Legends, Terrax.

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