Retro NCS – Absorbing Man, Doc Samson and The End Hulk

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start off the last themed wave of Hasbro’s first attempt of Marvel Legends before the cancelled the line. Released in time for Paramount’s Ang Lee directed Hulk movie, not only was this release in general retail (distribution issues aside), it was almost the first (and so far only) wave to be released as an SDCC exclusive with the BAF fully assembled. It will also probably the only Hulk wave for Marvel Legends from Hasbro we will ever get. It’s not that Hasbro has an objection to the Hulk and his supporting cast. I’m mean how many Hulks have we gotten over the years. It’s just most of the Hulk’s line up are BAF sized so Hasbro may not want to make a BAF wave for him as it would cost them (and us) too much to make. Not saying it’s impossible, just improbable.

Anyway back to this wave. I have already done Hulk (the King Hulk, Grey/Green Hulk), She-Hulk and whatever version Wendigo you want (Wendigo (Georges Bapiste), Wendigo (Francois Lartigue), Wendigo (Andre Monet) or Wendigo (Race, Marvel Prime)) so let go onto talk about the first new character for the NCS treatment, Absorbing Man. Thankfully Hasbro has remade this character as a much superior BAF, so I don’t have to recommend the crappy FFF version. Though saying that if you can’t afford the BAF, try getting the Toybiz version. FUN FACT. The FFF wave Absorbing man was Shartimus’s first ML review.

We also have the psychologist for many superheroes, Doc Samson. I think this figure still stands up today but I have to agree that it needs a new figure, preferably on the Hercules buck. The problem Hasbro has is they have no place to put him as he is mostly a Hulk character.

Lastly, we find out how Hulk will meet his End with Hulk (The End). I actually really like this figure but yeah I can’t see this ever getting a remake. Also will people please stop mixing him up with Maestro. Beyond the fact that they are old Hulk, they have little to nothing in common with each other.

Tomorrow we will (hopefully) finish off all of Hasbro first attempt of general retail release as we look at Hulk’s son, Skaar as well as the last true giant size BAF Fin Fang Foom.

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