Retro NCS – Mole man and the Spider-man Trilogy

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday I told you about how the Brood Queen wave was the last mixed wave for Hasbro first attempt at the licence for general retail, with the Nemesis planned for general release until it had to be given to Walmart in order to get it out. However, Hasbro wasn’t going to give up on general retail. Instead they tried something that would eventually save the line from another collapse. What they tried was Movie-linked themed waves. Long before the MCU was even thought about, Fox, Sony and Paramount had the licence for making Marvel Movies. As such, Hasbro tried to use these movies in order to make waves of comic book figure based around these movies. However, this wasn’t enough to save the line which I will talk about later.

The first of these themed wave was brought out around the time of the second Fantastic Four movie, the Rise of the Silver Surfer. I have already done most of this wave, which included Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, Namor The Sub-Mariner and the BAF Ronan The Accuser. Thankfully with the exception of Ronan and who we are talking about today, all of these have gotten much superior figures. The only other figure that needs a remake was Mole Man. If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t mind if they just re-release this one but I hope they remake him. He is the Marvel ages first ever villain (as in not from Timely and Atlas period) and has battled most of the Marvel Universe. So people need a figure of him soon.

The next themed wave made was brought out in time for the third Sam Raimi’s Spider-man. However, unlike the other 2 themed waves, this was based entirely on the Raimi trilogy. And before anyone says it. Yes this is a Marvel Legends wave. Not I don’t care that they had different packaging and it didn’t have Marvel Legends written one it (even though it shared the basic design). No I don’t care that it uses figure from both Toybiz or Hasbro 5′ line. That was just how Hasbro did things. It is still a Marvel Legends wave.

That being said, my god was this a horrible wave. And that’s being nice. If you ever see anyone complaining about how a wave has a bad selection or calls a BAF the worst ever BAF then point them to this wave. IT. IS. THE. WORST. WAVE. AND. BAF. EVER. That’s a fact. Hopefully with the first Spider-man movie 20th anniversary happening soon, we will get some updates top these but for now, forget these figures exist. If you want to torture yourself the following have been added:

Next time we begin our look at not only the last themed wave of Hasbro first attempt at the license but the last wave Hasbro released before they stopped making the figures for a while (Exclusives aside). We start with Absorbing Man.

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