Retro NCS – Prestige

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get onto the next part I just want to let you know that I have updated the figure images of Tigra, Binary and Sylvie (MCU) with the new product images that were released today. In case you missed it, both the What If? wave and deluxe set, as well as the Tigra figure, are up for preorde. UK/EU collectors also have Binary up for pre-order now as well. US and Canada have to wait for Walgreen (yes I know) and EBgames respectovely.

Anyway, we go back to looking at Hasbro early attempt at the license with the last of the Brood Queen. This was the last time Hasbro had mixed waves for general retails until the relaunched of the line with the Return of Marvel Legends years later. They had planned to release the Nemesis wave in all stores but that kept on getting pushed back until they had no choice but to give it to Walmart (thankfully all but Astonishing Beast and Nemesis have been remade). It’s possible that the original Red Hulk and Ares wave were also suppose to be released everywhere but it is currently unknown. I will talk about what happened to general releases next time.

Back to this wave, today we look at Cyclops and Phoenix’s possible daughter, Prestige (Days of Future’s Past). For any who will get onto me about calling her Prestige instead of Phoenix or Marvel Girl, I actually like her new codename. Not only does it give a nod to her parentage, but it’s also the first time she is not using one of her mother’s codename. As for the figure itself, yeah…………………….I really hope that Hasbro either remakes this or give that long rumoured Excalibur set some kind of reveal.

Next time we will look at the first supervillain of Marvel when they relaunched their superheroes comics with the Fantastic Four #1, Mole Man.

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