News- Hasbro Fan First Wednesday 28/07/21 Live updates

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are currently a few minutes away from the latest Hasbro live stream (11am est or 4pm utc). I will be updating this post every few minutes so be sure to reload the pages as the reveals come out. I’m not expecting much today, mostly the what if wave, and there is no Pre-orders going up today, according to Dan Yun so just expect a small amount of reveals.

  • Stream starts
  • The team re-introduce themselves again
  • They start talking about the Disney + wave 2
    • They officially talk about the Sylvie figure. the Cape can be removed.
    • They start revealed What if figures (very stylished):
      • T’Challa Starlord – blasters and helmet
        • They say that they will use photoreal on many of their figures from now on, including comic, cartoons and movies. Will be pinless
      • Heist Nebula
      • Captain Carter – Shield and Double jointed elbows
      • Dr. Strange Supreme – Magic effects
      • Zombie Hunter Spidey – Pinless armed. Unmasked and Masked head.
      • Zombie Cap
        • If it does well, we may get more zombies
      • Baf is Watcher!!! Nearly twice as tall as a normal figure.
      • Will be up for Pre-order tomorrow
      • Deluxe item – Hydra Stomper – Steve Rogers – Trusters, interchangeable hands. Carter can grip and ride on back. Taller then the MCU Hulkbuster.
  • Talking about the Haslab Galactus. All the stuff you heard before.
    • The tier goals teased before are 2 tiers, not one. More stuff not teased yet.
  • Last Walgreen exclusive for this year Binary (Carol Danvers).
  • Spider-man Homecoming – MCU Vulture Deluxe re-release – Target Exclusive
  • Tigra – Actual figure, 100% new. 2 heads and 2 set of hands. Fan Channel exclusive.
  • Some Q+A with some influencers.
    • More Troop Builder
      • Next is the Black Hand Ninja confirmed (shadow ninjas).
  • Teaser- Psycho Man’s control module.

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