NCS + Updates – Tigra, Binary, MCU Vulture

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I hope you enjoyed today’s livestream. They revealed quite a few new figures. However with the exception of the What If….? wave, we didn’t get many new characters. Most of them were characters we already had released or a brand new costume or a newer image for a figure revealed before. Before I get onto the updates and one new MCU NCS, I just want to say, like I did in the Schedule, I will wait until the What if….? series airs from the 11th of August before I start doing NCS for all the What If figure. This is to allow me to get much better images and info on the characters.

Anyway, we start today off with the MCU version of Adrian Toomes, Vulture (MCU). I actually never realised that I never did a NCS for that wave (though it’s only Beetle and Tombstone left), let alone the BAF. Honestly I could care less for this figure but I am delight that people can get this figure as one set instead of having to buy all the figures of the wave. Of course now have to deal with, *sigh* Missed Target.

I also updated Tigra. I actually laugh when I saw the package of the figure. If you look at the figure and compare it to the image of the box, you’ll notice they covered up the image on the box. I guess the image was too risqué for the selves but the figure isn’t.

I also added the Binary figure to the Captain Marvel (Danvers). I think we were all surprised to get this. It’s one of the most important versions Danvers. However, it does make the call for Hasbro to start making the Starjammer all the more loader. Hell Hasbro, just give us Corsair to start off with.

And that’s it for now. Tomorrow we go back to the old Hasbro Marvel Legends when we look at the last figure of the Brood Queen wave, Prestige.

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