Retro NCS – Annihilus – Hasbro’s first BAF

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. With no new reveals this week and with me having caught up with all that has been revealed, we jump back into look at some early Hasbro stuff with a look at Hasbro very first wave’s Build-a-Figure, Annihilus. Looking at this wave in retrospect, damn there was some ugly figure in this wave. Banshee without a collar, Herc looking like the Burger King, a short Kelsey Grammer, a butt ugly Emma Frost and an inaccurate Ultimate Iron Man. The only decent ones were the Hulks, and the Gladiator Hulk was just a Classic line version with added parts.

As for the BAF itself, it’s a good figure but I know Hasbro could do alot better. This is short and those wings are too big, heavy and constantly get in the wave. I hope when Hasbro plans to remake him, they make the wings foldable.

Next week I’ll take a break as there is a Fan First Friday on the 16th July, which I expect to be the F4 retro wave and the Haslab project. I’m also thinking that Marvel will reveal some of the What If Wave tomorrow.

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