NCS – the Captain, Cartoon Venom, MCU JJJ and updates

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week we had 7 figures reveal over the course of 2 days and 3 events. Not many new characters but I have done a few NCS for the following. We start off with the updates as there isn’t really much to say about them as we know nothing about the new versions of Spider-man (MCU) and Dr. Strange (MCU). I haven’t even put the usual info under the image as except for the toys, we don’t know anything about them. Hell we haven’t even gotten a trailer. (PSA. that’s on Sony not Disney/Marvel.) But have a look at the images of the figures for now. I will update later.

I have also done a quick NCS for the Venom (Cartoon) figure. Yes this is a cartoon figure as while they had highlights in the comics, they were usually one color. This dual color highlights is 100% the 90’s cartoon especially with that head. Fun Fact: the reason that Fox made alot of character that should have worn black costume different in the cartoon is the belief that black was evil. Thus the reason Venom had these highlight and Punisher was in a blue color instead of black.

I also did a quick NCS for J. Jonah Jameson (MCU). I know someone will tell me that this is the No Way Home version but looking at the figure and looking at the end of Far From Home, Simmons hasn’t changed his suit since. Also I highly doubt they will give us a Raimi’s version head at least not in a MCU based wave.

Finally the only comic figure announced last weekend, we look at the Nextwave original hero, Captain. I never read Nextwave but for me, a new character is a most for me. I will be getting this set just for this character. As for MELVIS, it turns out that it was really just a drone type minion, with at least 4 of them fighting Nextwave. Thus that make it an Army Builder. Does Hasbro expect you to get 4? Hell no. They just wanted a easy figure to make for their exclusive that people who like the series would like. Plus they needed to use that mold for something right?

Knock on wood there won’t be another reveal between here and Thursday as I hope I can finally start talking about Annihilus then.

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