NCS – AOA Colossus

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Age Of Apocalypse wave with the Build-A-Figure of the wave, Shadowcat’s husband, Colossus (Age of Apocalypse). I think that this is one of the best looking Colossus to date. However, I doubt I will replace my Colossus and Juggernaut figure with this.

Interesting fact, if I was to count all the AOA figure, it would make it the third most figure from a comic based universe, with (of course) the 616 being number one and Ultimate being second (this includes ML and Classics. If I exclude classics, then AOA takes second). We now have 18 (with more possibly coming) including:

  1. Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse)
  2. Blink (Age of Apocalypse)
  3. Colossus (Age of Apocalypse)
  4. Cyclops (Age of Apocalypse)
  5. Dark Beast (Age of Apocalypse)
  6. Holocaust (Age Of Apocalypse) (will do a NCS of him eventually, if not sooner)
  7. Iceman (Age of Apocalypse)
  8. Jean Grey (Age of Apocalypse)
  9. Magneto (Age Of Apocalypse)
  10. Morph (Age Of Apocalypse)
  11. Rogue (Age of Apocalypse)
  12. Sabretooth (Age of Apocalypse)
  13. Shadowcat (Age of Apocalypse)
  14. Sugar Man (Age of Apocalypse)
  15. Sunfire (Age of Apocalypse)
  16. Weapon X (Age of Apocalypse)
  17. Wild Child (Age Of Apocalypse)
  18. X-man (Age of Apocalypse)

Also I know I said I would do Tigra today but life got in the way. So next time we will look at her and maybe Callisto. I do know we may be getting another reveal this week, thanks to a post from Dan Yun. Don’t know how or where but I am thinking it will be another exclusive.

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