NCS and Updates – AOA Rogue and Shadowcat + Hulk and Red Hulk

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a couple of new NCS and well as 2 updates to two characters to talk about. We start off today with the main female lead of the AOA universe, Magneto’s wife, Rogue (Age of Apocalypse). I know some people are a bit weirded out about the age different but do you really think age matters in a world where they are fighting against a mutant tyrant that can kill them in an instant? Not to mention, since when does age (within reason) matters in love? There is also the fact that in this universe they are actually closer in age then before.

Also up today we have the wife of the BAF of this wave, Shadowcat (Age of Apocalypse). This is actually the first time I have talked about Kitty at all. I will eventually get to her Prime counterpart (waiting to see if the Excalibur box set includes her) but for the moment, lets talk about her AOA counterpart, with her Siscon husband. Don’t give me that look. You know it’s true. LOL

As for the updates, after todays reveal, I have updated both Hulk and Thunderbolt Ross with the Compound Hulk reveal. Basically you can read either of them as they give you the exact same info about how the 2 merged. As for the figure itself, yeah it’s cheap and weird, but that is what makes it a great Exclusive. It’s not a new character, barely a new costume, is non-essential and was only in one issue. Only Hulk diehards will want it so making it an Exclusive is great.

Next time (hopefully Monday), we will talk about the BAF of the wave, AOA Colossus as well as a founding West Coast Avengers member Tigra.


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