Updates – Wolverine and Omega Red

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. With the slew of new reveals by various Youtubers, I have decided to wait until they stop to do another NCS for a bit until I know what are coming and what is not. But that doesn’t mean I have stopped doing the updates to various character.

As such I have updated the Wolverine by adding the Shirtless/Battle Damaged Wolverine under the new Battle Damaged / Crucified section. Basically I explain where the idea for this particular design comes from. Note this is totally my own speculation, but with Dwight wanting to make more Reavers, it makes sense that they would make probably the most famous scene from the comic involving them and Wolverine. Maybe another Reaver to this (what I’m assuming) Vintage wave? Maybe give Reese one of his other counterparts.

I also updated the Omega Red page with the new redeco figure. This is mostly a repaint but the design is based off a different artist take on the classic costume. Basically do you want a red or white leggings.

I should note there should be another reveal tomorrow but I’m not sure where.


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