Rumor – Fantastic Four Vintage Update

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. A few months ago, I posted a listing from theFwoosh of what looks like what was the listing for the Fantastic Four wave (See Here). The listing obviously included the 4 main members of F4 but the final 2 only had a letter and were hidden by Xs. The letter were P and H by the way. Well now Marvelousnews forum member and friend Lord Scareglow has posted an update on what they could be. He has been right in the past so I am inclined to believe him.

Just a quick reminder Hasbro has confirmed the Human Torch figure for this wave in his Negative Zone suit so we can assume the other 3 will be the same costume. We now know that they may be joined by 2 new and highly requested villains, Psycho Man and High Evolutionary. No word on when they will be release. As always treat this as a rumor until Hasbro confirms it.



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