News – Infinity Saga Obidiah Stane + Iron Monger and Walmart Exclusive Captain America

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. It’s been a crazy of weeks with reveals every Monday and Fridays, usually of the Infinity Saga. Thankfully today we finish off the listings of the Infinity Saga with the final 2 sets. First we start off with the very first ever villain of the MCU, Obidiah Stane. But why give us one versions of Jeff Bridges when you can give us two. This is a 2-pack with a 100% new Iron Monger (not a repaint of the previous version) as well as Jeff Bridges himself. This will be available every place that carries ML.

As for the final Infinity Saga set, exclusive to Walmart, this is an update to the Infinity Wars Cap, which many people agree was poorly executed.

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