NCS – MCU Happy, Surtur and Updates

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have a couple of updates as well as new characters to talk about today, all MCU based. We starting off with the hero who started off the MCU, Iron Man (MCU). I have replaced the older Iron Man MKIII figure (from when Hasbro had a separate line for the movie) with the new Infinity Saga Version as well as putting the MK XXI armor otherwise known as the Midas armor (or as some have dubbed it, the Werthers Original armor) onto the page.

Next up I have replaced the original Smart Hulk version with the New Amazon exclusive 2-pack version for Rescue (MCU), as I found that this is the better more accurate version. As for her pack-mate, I have added her Avengers: Endgame version to the Captain Marvel (MCU) page.

Now onto the new characters. Starting with Happy Hogan (MCU), I honestly think that’s it great that we got this figure. Not only does it add to the MCU shelf (for both Iron Man and Spider-man collectors), but it also give us the director that launched the MCU, as well as the epic Mandalorian series. I can see why some people who collect comic only wouldn’t like it but honestly guys, the chances of use getting Happy in comic form is extremely low, especially now that he is dead. (Okay, yeah, technically you could use a classic Iron man for him since he wore it but not Happy himself.)

The other new character with will talk about today is Surtur (MCU). I absolutely love this figure and it’s not even out yet. Yes it may be a bit smaller then expected but the chance of use getting it any bigger would result in it being a Haslab version. For comic collectors, I recommend getting this for now. If Hasbro ever does a comic Surtur, like I said it will be a Haslab project. (Though will still be too small).

I should let people know that there will also be another reveal on Friday, which we are assuming is going to be the rumoured Iron Monger set (which given the price I’m guessing will be a 3-pack) as well as the Walmart exclusive Cap. As such no more NCS until Monday.

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