News – Infinity Saga Iron Man MKII, Captain Marvel + Rescue and Happy + Midas Armor

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. You all probably know this already but Hasbro “surprised” us we some new figures today. I know about the first one but Hasbro also surprised us with 2 sets of 2-pack.

Starting with the one we knew was coming, today they officially revealed the Iron Man MK III armor from the first Iron Man Movie. This the first update to the old Iron Man figure (the MK I was a repaint) and is a 100% new sculpt. This will be released everywhere that carried ML.

The next set was leaked out early on Amazon and as such will be an Amazon exclusive. This will be a Captain Marvel and Rescue 2-pack. Both of the figures are based on their appearances in the Endgame movie.

The last set is a Target Exclusive based on the Iron Man 3 movie. This will be Happy Hogan, the only new character so far in this line, as well as Iron Man’s Mk XXI armor, dubbed the Midas armor.

That’s it for today. However, there will be another reveal on Monday. There is only 3 more of the Infinity Saga to be reveal with one of them being a Walmart exclusive.

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