NCS – MCU Quicksilver, Mr. Hyde, Baron Von Strucker and Jigsaw

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have quite a few NCS today, with a few of them finishing a wave or something similar. Since it was revealed today we start off with the long awaited Quicksilver (MCU). I have seen a few people saying it’s a weak reveal but, even though I don’t collect MCU, I know tons of people have been asking for a MCU Quicksilver for years. There’s the old saying among collectors. “Just because you didn’t ask for it, doesn’t mean nobody did”.  Anyhow, this figure joins the Final Battle Thor figure as part of the Infinity Saga line. (To find out what else could be coming in that line, head over to here –

With that out of the way, we also finish off the Shang-Chi wave wave with a look at the BAF, Mr. Hyde.  I know many are disappointing with this Thunderbolt version and are expecting a redone in his classic version at some point but if I’m being honest, don’t see them redoing this guy. He is not as famous as the rest that have been done. So this may be his only figure. Just my opinion guys, but this could be a one and done character. (I hope I’m wrong though as I want to have it for my Masters).

Next we start and finish off the remaining characters from Toybiz’s Face-off series. First up we have the true person behind Hydra, Baron von Strucker. Yes, I know that Red Skull set up the original organization, but it was Strucker that took it and turned it into the terrorist group it is today. Heck it wasn’t until the MCU that Red Skull even led Hydra and that was just disgruntled Neo-Nazi and people who were sick of superheroes.

Lastly we have a look at probably the only villain that Punisher hasn’t sent to the grave, Jigsaw. Well, I say that but Punisher seemed to have killed him a number of times but he keeps coming back. There has been a few other but none are so persistent then Jigsaw.

And with that I have finally caught up with all the Toybiz Marvel Legends. There is the Giant-man series but most of those have been redone by Hasbro so I will get onto them later or they have been done before. There is also all the Classics toy-lines (Spider-man, X-men, Fantastic Four etc), but I want to get through the main line of Marvel Legends before going into them. For those keeping track, then following are character that Hasbro has yet to remake or do another version of – ToadHoward The Duck (Duckworld)DoopBlack Widow (Belova)VengeanceDeathlok (Collins)Iron Fist (H’ylthri)BlackheartRedwingLongshot (Mojoverse), Baron Zemo (Heinrich), Mojo (Mojoverse), Powerhouse (Franklin Richards)WiccanHulkling, Iron Lad (31st CenturyPatriot (Bradley)Dracula,  Frankenstein’s MonsterWerewolf By Night, Zombie Hulk (House of M)The It (House of M)Iron Man (House Of M), Inhuman Torch (House Of M) and today’s Baron von Strucker and Jigsaw. (I think outside some Classics figure that is all of them).

Next time we will begin going into what many consider the Dark Days of Marvel Legends as we begin our look into Hasbro first foray into Marvel Legends and look at Annihilus’s wave Banshee and Ultimate Iron Man.

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