NCS – AOA Sabretooth and all Shang-Chi’s MCU figures (Kind of…)

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a look at a good few NCSs to talk today. Well kind of. First up, we start the second Age of Apocalypse wave with, well, the only figure that has been announced for that wave, Sabretooth (Age of Apocalypse). Fun fact, beyond the costumes (yes we still need a classic Havok, Cap Brit and Giant Man Remake), we have now officially gotten a new figure for all the characters of the old Giant-man series. Also for people that don’t read rumors, the listing of the AOA wave consists of Magneto, Rogue, Cyclops, Iceman, Shadowcat and Legion.

Now onto the “Kind of part”, I have done a NCS for all the MCU figure from the Shang-Chi wave. However, since we know next to nothing about the characters in the movie and we don’t even have official images for some of them, just thing of these as semi-NCSs. Heck it’s mostly a copy and paste for all with the actor, and image changing. So have a look at Shang-Chi (MCU)Death Dealer (MCU)Xialing (MCU) (who seems to be based on Shang-Chi’s half sister, Sister Dagger), Mandarin (MCU) and the Target Exclusive, Katy (MCU) and Morris (MCU).

Next time we will finish the Shang-Chi wave with the BAF and (depending on if we get a Marvel Monday next week) we will jump back into the Toybiz era with a look at the Face-Off Baron Strucker.

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