NCS – U.S.Agent +break announcement

Hey my fellow Plastic addicts. Today it was announced that Walmart would be getting the MCU John Walker Captain America so you know I had to do an NCS of him as soon as I could.

First we have the comic version U.S.Agent. Hopefully with the character appearing in the MCU we will get a much needed update to the previous version. The body they used for it was much too small for a character that was fairly bulky in the comics. I’m think a redone 80th version. If not the classic version then maybe the 2020 Force Works or his recent solo series.

Also up today we have the U.S.Agent (MCU). I see many people saying they hate the character. Well I hate to tell you people but that is what you’re supposed to do. Even in the comics he was created to be hated but would redeem himself as years went on.

And with that I am announcing that I will be taking a pre-Hasbro Fan Fest break. As people know I generally take a break before the major events in order to give myself a rest and wait and see what they will announcement. I mean there is no point in doing an NCS if they announce a new version. Plus it’s Easter week and I have alot of work to do. News and such will still be posted.

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