NCS – House of M Box set

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the week by finishing off Toybiz’s box sets. Looking at the box sets and adding them to the 14 characters that Hasbro has yet to do in the regulars line (I added Dan Ketch and Galactus since they were made by Hasbro but done before the Infinity Line),  we have 13 characters that Hasbro has to remake with 9 characters from the 616 and 4 from the House of M universe. These are Powerhouse (Franklin Richards), Wiccan, HulklingIron Lad (31st Century, Patriot (Bradley), DraculaFrankenstein’s Monster, Werewolf By Night and Zombie plus the four we will talk about today. (Yes they are alternate universe versions of 616 versions but I and many people considered them different characters.) That’s a total of 27 characters so far.

Moving on today, joining the NCS of Spider-man (House of M), we have a look at 4 House of M characters from on Box set. These are Hulk (House of M)The It (House of M)Iron Man (House Of M) and Inhuman Torch (House Of M), who by the way is the only brand new character since he is Kristoff Vernard and not Johnny Storm. Only Wolverine (the Air Strike figure from the X-men classics line) left from this universe left to do but that won’t until I finish the Marvel Legends line. That being said, I highly doubt that any of his figure will get a remake.

Next time we will jump over to Toybiz’s Face-Off line with a look at Baron Von Strucker and Jigsaw.

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