NCS – Werewolf By Night and Zombie

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. We are on day 6 of our week long new NCS session.  We are almost finished with the Toybiz box sets. Today we finish off the Monster box set. Yesterday, we had 2 character based on works of novels. Today we look at 2 (almost) original characters.

We start off with the only character that wasn’t created before the Fantastic Four appeared in this box set, Werewolf By Night. Those who are excited for the Moon Knight series may want to pick this up, as if it wasn’t for this guy, Moon Knight might not have appeared. However, out of the 4, this is the second one I think is almost guaranteed to be getting a new figure. Hell, they have the body with the Jackal (or Beast if they want). All they need is a new head.

Lastly for this box set, we have a character that is neither a hero nor villain but could be considered a victim because he keeps being used, Zombie. This has nothing to do with the Marvel Zombie universe. Out of the four, I don’t see Hasbro ever making a version of this guy.

We will finish the week with looking at the final box set Toybiz made for the Marvel Legends line, the House of M box set. Since these don’t have a lot to talk about, I will (hopefully) get through all four of them.

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