NCS – Nova, Venomized Punisher and Terror Inc

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we finished off all the Walgreens exclusives with a look at Nova (Rider). This has been a long time coming and with the rumors that he is coming in the MCU, I’m glad to have gotten the character done before then. My first encounter with him was when he teamed up with the Avengers to battle the Exemplars and it wasn’t until Annihilation that I saw him against. Since then he has become a mainstay of the Marvel Universe for me.

We also have to Marvel Unlimited Subscription Service incentives to look at today. (Just a reminder that this year’s figure is a Spider-man cosplaying Ms. Marvel). We look at The Punisher (What If?), the Vemonized Punisher from the What If comic. Not really something I would recommend getting unless you want another Venom or Punisher but here is a very short history of the character.

Finally we look at Terror Inc. (Shadowline). Yes. Yes. I know we haven’t gotten an “official” figure for this character but that Purple Deadpool? Yeah that is Terror Inc. With the fact that he had a prototype years before makes me think that Hasbro want to make a figure of it. So if you want you should just wait for the official version.

And with that I have finally caught up with all the announcements that Hasbro has made since I started this site. Wait. Really? Well look at that. I have been doing NCS for new announced figures since May of 2017. That’s nearly 5 years! Not to mention that Hasbro will probably be announcing more figures in the coming week like next week’s Marvel Monday (yes I have confirmation that is still happening but will only be a Fan Channel Exclusive). But don’t worry. I won’t be stopping doing NCS. After all I still have over 213 characters left to do. Plus alternate versions that are not on the list. Plus Army Builders. Plus Objects (like the Destroyer Armor). Plus Races. Plus Teams. Um……………………………………… Yeah I’ll be at this for a while.

The “TLDR” version, next time with will hope back into looking at characters that Toybiz did starting with 2 movie figures, Blade and Daredevil, with comic’s Doop.

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