NCS – Moon Knight and The Fallen One

Hey my fellow Plastics. While we wait for Hasbro to reveal something new, today we have 2 new NearCompleteSet pages to talk about today. Both of these were or are going to be Walgreen exclusives. Up now we have a look at Moon Knight. With the TV series coming, I predict we are going to see alot more of Mr. Spector soon. (Mr. Knight please Hasbro).

Also up today is the upcoming The Fallen One from the ‘Thanos Wins’ story line. Also I had this argument with someone on social media (no surprise there) and have seen people say it,  but this has NOTHING to do with the Silver Surfer: Black comics. That was based in the 616 universe, involves symbiote, Knull and the Necrosword. Nothing to do with Thanos at all. Also as far as I can see, it was only his arm that was turned black and was mostly based in when he was still the Herald of Galactus. The Fallen One became black after absorbing Black Matter after he witnessed Thanos kill Galactus, who he was still in service of.

Anyhow, next time we will look at the lastest Walgreens’ reveal with a look at the Richard Rider’s Nova, with (If I have time) a look at the 2 Marvel Unlimited Subscription Services exclusives Terror Inc (the pink Deadpool) and Punisher Venom.

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