NCS – Stepford Cuckooes and Iron Man (F*&^) 2020

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are on our 7th and final day of our week long worth of new content. Today we have a total of 4 new characters to talk about. Okay, maybe 3 of them were literally just copied and pasted 3 times because they all share the exact same history. I’m of course talking about the Walgreens’ exclusive Stepford Cuckoos (Ironic since they are not only identical sister but also clones.) Each of these have a different version of starting line and the costume description under the figure, but for the most part they are the same history so choice between Stepford Cuckoo (Celeste) (the blonde one), Stepford Cuckoo (Mindee) (the black hair) and Stepford Cuckoo (Phoebe) (the redhead). Also I won’t be adding the other two as, while you can use this figure for the five of them, Esme and Sophie never wore this costume as they were dead at the time.

Since those were easy to do, I also decided to do Iron Man 2020. Another ironic figures given that he is usually portrayed as a villain and the year we are in. He was also very confusing as I didn’t know if they were talking about character in his universe, ones in the Prime or whatever universe they decided to use him. I would also like to remind people that this is NOT the same Iron Man 2020 from the prime universe that took over from Tony last year.

That is it for this week but check back tomorrow (11th January) when Hasbro will reveal a new figure for their Marvel Monday. From my sources, all I can say is that it will more then likely be another Retro figure. If it’s not a new character, the next character will be the next Walgreen’s exclusive in Moon Knight.


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