NCS – New Mutants trio

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are on our 6th day of new content. Today we finally jump back into the Walgreen’s exclusive stuff with a look at not one but 3 New Mutants. We start off today with a look at a character that has proven you don’t need powers to kick butt and the one that was supposed to get a figure before, Moonstar.

Also up today, we have a look at Karma. I don’t think many people know this but Karma was supposed to be revealed as gay many years before she was. However, due to this, the editors at Marvel at the time decided to keep her out of comics for many years for fear of reprimand from reader. This was before Northstar came out as gay. She would return to comics many years later and would be celebrated as being gay.

Finally we have Wolfsbane. I know she is a popular character and all, but reading all the shit she did because of her religion, particularly what she did to Rictor, make me regret being catholic. Sorry if it seems I’m bashing her cause I want more of her in figure form.

Anyhow…….Next time we will have another 3-in1 set with a look at the 3 Stepford Cuckoos, Celeste, Mindee and Phoebe.

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