News – Fan First Friday 4/12/20

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro had another Fan First Friday for their Marvel Team. As such there was some new reveals. I will be going through them as they announced it so lets get into it.

They started off with a “new” Amazon exclusive, the dusty Deadpool from near the end of the Deadpool 2 movie. Basically a repaint of the previous version with a new box. Up for pre-order on Amazon.

They start off the stream by going back over the Walgreen’s exclusive, starting with the Fallen (packaged with the Silver Surfer name). This is currently up on UK etailers but will be exclusive to Walgreen’s stores in the US. They then went on to explain that this year’s theme for the Walgreen’s exclusive will Cosmic (last year was obscure Avengers and the year before that was X-ladies.) As such they revealed a new Nova figure based on his classic version for those that want to build their New Warriors team. (My personal guess as who will be coming is Adam Warlock from Infinity Watch).

They then went onto reveal the X-men House of X wave’s BAF, which is a HOX Tri-Sentinel. Looks cool and is a great use of the SP//DR build. They then revealed all that each figure will come with. Moira will come with alternate white arms, head and a white lab coat to give her the scientist look. Wolverine will come with a bearded headsculpt from the HOX. Prof X will come with a swappable head with a telepathic effect. Magneto will come with a number of hands. Cyclops comes with the same head as the retro wave as well as the blast effect. Marvel Girl comes with a Krakoa plant. Finally Omega Sentinel will come with swappable arms as well as a classic head sculpt (that is the wrong color yes.) The package of the wave will have the Krakoan langauge instead of English texts.

They then officially announced the tease from the last stream, MODOK. This will be a deluxe figure and will come with a blast stand, interchangeable hand and faceplate. It is a bit darer at 50 but given it’s a much bigger and thicker figure, I can understand that. (I also understand why some aren’t trill). I’m hoping this will lead to more big deluxe figures like Mojo, Lockjaw or (dare I say it) an actually in scale Dragon Man?

They start their drafting for their favorite and I had to leave for work but they did give use some more hints about some more figures for next year. Cannonball (or another version of him) will get his legs next year and they said will get a new figure with a brand new type of tail. (NO IDEA.) But the best reveal was the fact that we are finally (after nearly 20 years) getting a proper comic book accurate classic Ultron. They haven’t said where this will be released but they made it sound like it won’t be part of the Bring on the Bad Guy wave.

Before you go onto the pretty picture, just a reminder that Monday is Marvel Monday, so there will be another reveal then as well.

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