Best of 2020 – Accessories, packaging, wave assortment, Deluxe and Build-A-Figure

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week we started our annual “Best of Marvel Legends for 2020”. I got a ton of people who voted so I would like to thank every one who voted. There was some clear winners from the start with only one of categories being closely contested and having a huge upset from what was winning. Before we get into the results, I would like to say I agree with all the results but if you don’t, sorry it’s what was voted for. Anyhow, onto the results. (Please Note: the winner of the best Deluxe and BAF will go onto the finals.)

Best Accessories

3rd place – 3-way tie – Invisible Woman’s Shield, Deadpool’s Unicorn and Beast/Doom/Hellfire Book

2nd Place – Black Widow/Fantomex/etc Gun fire and smoke

Winner- Everything from the War Machine deluxe set

Best Packaging Design

3rd place – 19.2% – X-men 20th anniversary

2nd place – 25% – Spider-man Vintage

Winner – 38.5% – Hellfire Club Box

Best Wave Assortment

3rd Place – Deadpool Strong Guy wave – 13.5%

2nd Place – Fantastic Four Super-Skrull wave – 17.3%

Winner- Spider-man Vintage wave – 46.2%

Best Deluxe set

3rd place – 3-way tie – Kingpin, MCU White Widow and AOA Apocalypse – 7.7%

2nd Place – Cosmic Ghost Rider – 19.2%

Winner – Deluxe War Machine – 38.5%

Best Build-A-Figure

3rd Place – Tie- Super-Skrull and Venompool

2nd Place – Strong Guy 25%

Winner – Sugar Man 26.9%

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