News – Fan Friday Official reveals 13/11/20

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. While we had some leaks last night (and some this morning), Hasbro’s Marvel Team had a great livestream with some great reveals. I already talked about the Spider-verse wave but here are some better images of the wave. Just a reminder but the wave will consist of a “Into the Spider-verse” Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen (aka Ghost Spider) with Spider-ham, Peter B. Parker and Prowler with a comic Hand Ninja and Frog-Man. The BAF for the wave is Stilt Man, which you can make taller by getting multiple Hand Ninjas.

We also got a look at the boxed images of the Deluxe Thanos figure. As a nice surprise, if you have the Cosmic Ghost Rider and are getting the Walgreen’s exclusive Fallen figure, you can use this figure for the King Thanos, as it comes with an interchangeable head. The boxed art also has a nice background of Thanos’ throne from the Infinity Gauntlet arc.

Thanos and the Spider-verse wave are currently up for Pre-order on all your favourite Etailers.

Hasbro did have some House Of X figures that was listed on other sites (namely, but this was the first time they were officially shown. They already confirmed Moira X, Professor X and Magneto but officially announced today we have Wolverine, Cyclops, Marvel Girl and brand new character Omega Sentinel. Hopefully she will come with a classic head. No word on what the BAF is at this moments.

While all those were listed or leaked, Hasbro had some surprises. Joining Arcade and Dormammu, they revealed the next figure in the Villains wave, AIM’s Scientist Supreme. This is usually the leader of the Terrorist group, if it’s not MODOK. Speaking of MODOK, Hasbro teased that they will be making a new comic book MODOK. No official word on where it will be released but all hints are looking that it will be a deluxe figure.

Spider-verse Stilt-man Wave

Deluxe Infinity Gauntlet Thanos

House of X wave

Bring of the Bad Guy wave

MODOK teaser

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