Site Update – (Temp?) Removal of Pages

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. As some of you may have notice I have removed some pages from the site. It’s nothing sinister like a DMC. I just wanted to condense some pages and remove stuff that really shouldn’t be up. Most of these are alternate versions of ones I have yet to do later, like all the Green/Hobgoblins, Red Guardians etc. (IE I have done Green Goblin but will not be doing Harry Osborn or Hamilton for a while) These will be added at some point in the future when I get around to doing alternate universes/versions.

However, that not the more important thing. For the past few years I have been making Comic book page of characters that have had MCU figures that look very similar to their comic book counters. This will no longer be the case. If a MCU figure does not look exactly like a comic book or marketed as such, it will not get a comic book page. If they do get a comic book figure, they will be added back onto the site.

As such the following comic page (that I have done a NCS for) have been temporarily removed:

  • Chewie (House of M)
  • Everett Ross
  • Yellowjacket (Cross)
  • Executioner
  • Nebula

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