NCS – Ultron’s “Bride” and (Potentially) The Tallest BAF

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We finish off the Avengers’ Joe Fixit and start the Stilt Man wave. We Start off today with a look at the only other brand new character and the only one that never had an Action figure before, Jocasta. Now all we need is Alkhema and Victor Mancha and we will have all of Ultron’s “children”.

Also up today we have a look at one of the goofiest yet awesome character to grace Marvel Legends in Stilt Man. This could be potentially be the tallest BAF ever. That’s if you want to army build the Hand Ninja so it could also be the most expensive.

Finally 2 very short additions in the form of Hulk (Gamerverse) and Spider-Ham (Into the Spider-verse). Hulk is weird because despite having 2 figures from that game, we still don’t have a figure of what he looks like in the game. I’m think he is coming but won’t be for a while. Ham on the other hand is a pack-in with Ghost Spider (Spider-Gwen), so if you are getting her, you will get him. But it’s not something I would recommend hunting down if you just want the pig.

Next up we should be the only new figure (so far) for the House of X wave in Moira X.

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