Rumor – HOX wave listings?

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Over on, JayC has posted what he believes is the listing for the upcoming House of X wave. As always until confirmed, treat it was a rumor.

To quote him:

A few weeks ago Hasbro during PulseCon officially revealed three of the figures in their upcoming 6″ Marvel Legends X-Men themed wave based on the Marvel Comics “House of X/Power Of X” storyline. The three figures confirmed by Hasbro were Professor X with Cerebo helmet, Moira MacTaggert and Magneto in white outfit.

We have since gotten word from a source we consider to be reliable, letting us know the remaining figures for the wave. Of course until Hasbro officially confirms these, we will treat these as RUMOR. We also DO NOT have any details at this time on what the Build-A-Figure for this wave will be.

The remaining rumored figures for this wave will likely include Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine and Omega Sentinel. Note the actual figures could vary in appearance from the images we have gathered below for these. Since we haven’t actually seen the figures yet, we are making a best guess assumption that these images feature the looks the actual figures will be based on.

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