NCS – A World Conqueror and the replacement Thor

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we begin our look the regular waves that were revealed at Pulse con. Since it was the first thing revealed, we start with the Avengers’ Joe Fixit wave. I have already done Iron Man (Gamerverse), Captain America (Gamerverse) and Falcon so we begin look at 2 new character, who I have done a NCS for.

We start off with Kang. Last week I asked my readers if I should include all the alternate version of him, including Iron Lad (31st Century), Immortus, Scarlet Centurion, Kid Immortus etc as these could also be consider alternate timelines as well and given Kang time-travel nature might not even be the Kang we know. The general consensus was to make them all separate NCS. We aren’t the only one who thinks so as sites like Marvel wiki also make these character separate pages. As such it will only look at Kang and not his other forms. Even still this is a extremely brief look at him as it can be head wrecking reading it up. Plus it’s my site and I want to keep them separate so there.

Also joining Kang we have Thunderstrike. This is a character that once replaced Thor only to become his own hero. Maybe we will get Dargo or the new Thunderstrike eventually.

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