Character Updates and Previews – Post Pulse Con update Part 2

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. We continue our post Pulse Con update with 3 more figures that are either updates or a brand new costume.

  • Thanos – I replaced the Marvel Select figure with the new Deluxe figure. Sorry about the pic but when ever I tried to crop and stretch, the figure get blurry. I will replace it when a better image comes out.
  • Gambit – I added the Target Vintage figure to the Classic section. Both versions are there so it’s really up to you which you want.
  • Rogue – Same as Gambit except in the Jim Lee section instead.

I have also added new Preview pages for some of the new character reveal at the Pulse Con. I have already done one for Dormammu, Hulk (Gamerverse) and Kang the Conqueror (31st Century) so the one below are brand new. All will get a full NCS in the coming week.

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