Character Update – Post Pulse Con edition Part 1

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. If you were living in a cave for the part week or two, Pulse Con was last week. As such, I have updated a good number of old NCS with some new figures, replacement figures or updates of old figure.

I will also be doing something different with the Gamerverse figures. Unless the figures is part of the story of the game (like the Star Boast armor) or part of the Tie-in comic (like the Spider-man Velocity suits), all skins will be under the Skins section so you can decided to get it yourself.

Here is what has been updated (links below):

  • Ms. Marvel – added the Marvel Unlimited Subscription Service figure. Yes, it is a comic based figure.
  • Iron Man (Gamerverse) – added the Atmosphere armor to the skins
  • Captain America (Gamerverse) – Added the Stealth suit. Note: This is not a real skin in the game (as of now)
  • Falcon – added the new Falcon, which is actually a brand new costume. It’s ironic that the first comic figure that was revealed for this wave was one that I had just done an NCS for.
  • Hulk – added the Joe Fixit to the page. Yes I know it’s not the proper colors but I only added this for people that missed the Toybiz one. Like I said on the page, if you want a comic version, just wait for the Hasbro repaint.
  • Into The Spider-verse Mile Morales – add the new Stilt-man wave figure. I left the older version in it as you might want the full costume instead of the one from the poster.
  • Into the Spider-verse Spider-Gwen – replaced the Target 2-pack version with the much superior Stilt man version.
  • Professor X – added the House of X version
  • Magneto – added House of X version

That’s it for today. I have a few more updates to do as well as Preview pages next so no new NCS until next week at the earliest.

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