News – Hasbro Pulse Con reveal summary

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro Pulse Con was today and I hope you have gotten down from your plastic high now as I will now run through what was reveal in the last couple of hours. There was quite a bit reveal, some stuff I never would have guessed was coming.

Starting with the regular released figures, I mentioned a few months ago about a second wave of Avengers Gamerverse figures and even though I thought the wave would include Thor and Black Widow, it turned out it did not. Instead we got a repainted Captain America in Stealth colors and Blue Atmosphere Iron Man (repaint of the Star Boost armor). However what really made the wave was the comic figures. Last Livestream, Hasbro gave us 4 clues on what these were starting with Falcon (the Toybiz figure that they haven’t done yet), Kang (a figure they did that got a figure from Hasbro before) and brand new characters Thunderstrike (the figure that was a 3 3/4 inch figure) and Jocasta (a character that never had a figure before). The Baf of the wave is Joe Fixit. It is based on the game but can also be used for the comic version. This wave is currently up for Pre-order on all retailers like BBTS and C+C.

They also showed off some of the figure for the Into the Spider-verse wave that Rektangular mentioned in his videos. Miles Morales, Ghost Spider (with a Spider-ham Statue) and Hand Ninja were confirmed as the regular figures with Stilt Man as the BAF. Hand Ninjas will come with the legs so you can make Stilt man as tall as you want if you want to army build the ninjas. There is still more to be revealed in this wave rumored to be Leap Frog/Frog Man, Peter B. Parker (from the movie) and Prowler.

They revealed the start of the House of X wave with 3 new figures, Moira MacTaggart, X (Professor Xavier) and all white Magneto. No word or rumors one what else is coming.

Back in the Toybiz days, they released a wave full of villains (series 13 / Onslaught series). Well Hasbro are now planning to do the same (probably to fill the hole that the delayed Eternals and Shang-Chi waves have caused). They only show 2 figures for the wave, one a brand new character in Arcade and another classic rendition of Dormammu.

For the deluxe line, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Infinity Gauntlet story, Hasbro will release a classic Thanos, with the Gauntlet and snapping fingers.

For the exclusives, they confirmed that the Hellfire Club soldier will be a Pulse exclusive as well as the Silk figure. (Europe collectors can order them on etailers sites like C+C). Walgreens and EB games will be getting a Silver Surfer based on the Thanos Wins’ version, which is the universe that Cosmic Ghost Rider comes from. Target will get 2 X-men Retro figures, being Gambit and Rogue (new head and hands).

The final reveal and the teaser of the Con was the Long Awaited Firestar figure. No word on how or where this will be released. This has been my number one most wanted figure since I started collecting figures and reading comics, almost 20 years ago!!!

You can find all the figure imagines below.

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