NCS – Comics first African-American, his MCU counterpart and his partner

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start looking at the (missed) Target exclusives that I have on the schedule. We start off with the first African-American superhero in comic. While Black Panther was the first person of color in comics, Stan Lee still felt that many African-American readers still didn’t have a proper character they could relate to. Black Panther was great but he was from a made up African country. So Stan decided to introduce Falcon in Captain America. Not only that he was the first black character not to have Black in his name.

Also joining him, we have have his MCU counterpart as well as his co-star in the upcoming (and delayed) Falcon and Winter Soldier.

I will be taking a short break next week because Hasbro Pulse Con is on next week. I will be late posting the news (working) but be sure to come on Tuesday for the preview night and Friday for the main event.

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