NCS – A 3-fused Sentinel and a Homage character

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off 2 exclusive sets. We start off by finising our look at the third unique Sentinel in the Haslab project by looking at Tri-Sentinel. Yes I know this isn’t a proper version of him. (Hell, even the head is inaccurate). However, I think this will be the only Tri-Sentinel we we will ever get.

We also finish off looking at the Amazon exclusive (so far) by looking at the Nimrod set’s Fantomex. As people may know, this character is a homage to the Italian Comic Diabolik and the French pulp fiction’s Fantomas.

With those out of the way, next time we will move onto the (missed) Target exclusive I haven’t done yet from the Schedule, starting with a long awaited look the the high flying hero, Falcon alongside his MCU counterpart and MCU Winter Soldier.

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